Pasavento welcomes contributions written in Spanish. The journal's interests cover different areas of written and audiovisual culture (prose fiction, poetry, theatre, cinema, graphic novel) created in Spain and Latin America since 1975. The editors of Pasavento will consider only original manuscripts not published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Each number of the review includes a monographic dossier, a miscellaneous section and a section of scientific reviews. Articles should not exceed 75,000 characters, including notes, bibliographical references and blank spaces. Reviews should not exceed 14,000 characters.

Contributors should submit their articles in an attached word document (file extensions .doc and .docx ) to The article should be headed by the text that gives title to the work. All submitted articles should be devoid of any references that could reveal the identity of the author to our external reviewers. Hence, contact information, professional affiliation, e-mail and postal address should only be indicated in a second attachment that accompanies your submission. Finally, in a third attachment, contributors are requested to provide the tittle in English an abstract of their article, in both English and Spanish, the length of each abstract will be 200-250 words, as well as five keywords in each language. Images included in each article should respect the copyright and must hold the licence, under the sole responsibility of the author. Moreover, those images are required to have a high-resolution (300dpi). Content and bibliographical notes to articles should be kept to a minimum and they should appear as serial footnotes.

Textual quotes of more than three lines should appear in a separate paragraph with special indentation. Each quoted reference should be integrated into the text in parentheses (author data: page). When citing more than one work by the same author, add a letter to the year (a, b, c…) both in textual quote and bibliography at the end of the document. If the quoted source has been written by two authors, both should be mentioned in parentheses joint by "y" conjunction.

If author has been quoted within the text, his or her name could be omitted, as the next examples show:

...como afirma Fernando Cabo, "en Memoria de la nieve encontramos, pues, el esfuerzo de la memoria por regresar al tiempo hundido" (1986: 280).

At the end of the article, contributors should include a section of "WORKS CITED" including the name of the authors in alphabetical order, according to the next standards:


Surname, Name (Year): Title. Place of edition, Publisher.
Surname, Name and Surname, Name (Year): Title. Place of edition, Publisher.

Surname, Name and Surname, Name (eds.) (Year): Title. Place of edition, Publisher.

Surname, Name (Year): "Title". In: Surname, Name and Surname, Name (eds.): Title. Place of edition, Publisher, pp. xx-xx.

Surname, Name (Year): "Title". In: Name of the journal, vol., n.º, pp. xx-xx.

Surname, Name (Year): Title. Non-published dissertation. University.


Pasavento. Revista de Estudios Hispánicos does not consider for publication book reviews not solicited by the editors. If you want the Editorial Board to consider a review (even if you are an author or an editor), please send a proposal to our mail address ( or send a copy to our postal address. In the event that the Editorial Board would decide to review the book, we will assign the work to a relevant researcher. The book proposed should have been published at most twelve months before the proposal is received.


Since copyright of the articles published in the journal belong to Pasavento, you should quote the source. The contents of the journal are distributed under Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No Comercial 3.0 España (CC-by-nc) licence. Legal text and an informative note could be checked in this link.