The review is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity in the publication of scientific articles, in accordance with the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE),and CSE's White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications (Council of Science Editors, CSE).The UAB aims to satisfy the needs of authors and readers alike, ensuring the quality of articles published in its journals, protecting and respecting all rights pertaining to the content of articles, and respecting the integrity of all submissions and published work.

The Editorial Board of Pasavento. Review of Hispanic Studies undertakes to publish all corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies as and when they are required. As part of its commitment to best practice, Pasavento. Review of Hispanic Studies makes publicly available the evaluation system for submitted articles and the criteria applied in the external peer review process. The Editorial Board has the authority to accept and reject the received articles. Both Editorial Board and the external evaluators will use the same guidelines and criteria. Pasavento. Review of Hispanic Studies regularly updates these criteria, which are intended to ensure the scientific relevance, originality, clarity and pertinence of published articles. The Editorial Board undertakes the commitment to maintain reviewers’ anonymity, to act if a conflict of interest should occur and to look after the ethical and intellectual practices of the journal.

Pasavento. Review of Hispanic Studies maintains full confidentiality throughout the evaluation process, protecting the anonymity of authors and external reviewers, the reviewed content, the reviewers' report and any other communication issued by the editorial, advisory and scientific boards, as required. Equally, it applies the strictest standards of confidentiality to any clarifications, claims or complaints that an author may wish to refer to any of the journal's boards or to the external reviewers. External reviewers must commit to carrying out their work objectively and to informing the journal in the event of any conflict of interest.

Pasavento. Review of Hispanic Studies undertakes to respect the integrity of all published work. As such, Pasavento. Review of Hispanic Studies will be particularly vigilant in identifying and sanctioning cases of plagiarism. Any manuscript that is found to plagiarize published work will be removed from the journal or barred from publication, as the case may be. The journal will act as swiftly as possible in all such cases. In agreeing to the terms of the journal, authors undertake to ensure that the articles they submit and all of the associated materials contain only original work, that have not been previously published, and that they do not infringe on the rights of third parties. In the case of shared authorship, a clear statement must be made to the effect that all authors have agreed to the content of the manuscript and that the work has not been published previously in any other form. Authors accept to participate in the peer review process and to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes if requested.